Monday, June 25, 2018

This Four-Year-Old "Style Hacker" Rocks Celebs' Clothes

Collette Wixom created the website Mini Style Hacker to showcase the style hacks she's created for her sons Ryker and Grey. Not deterred by her inability to purchase the latest designs from Gucci and Feragamo, she decided to dress up her kids, mostly Ryker, in affordable versions of expensive, adult designer clothes. At the same time, she also recreates the looks of celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Pharrell Williams. Check out Ryker's style-hacked versions of some amazing looks.

When I wore bow ties as a kid it was not, "appreciated," shall we say

Looking like a young Steve McQueen

Channeling Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Off to the Hamptons

Because I'm happy...

Ryker pretending to be Zac Efron pretending to be Morrissey 

From beach to sandbox

One hip kid

I wonder if Ryker was named after William Riker...

...but it wasn't spelled cool enough

Rocking the Gos

This kid owns even more bow ties than I did

Should I feel bad that I'm thinking about getting the same haircut as a four year old?

Some other photos of the dapper hipster

What, no tat?

Remember Bradley Whitford's license plate in Adventures in Babysitting?

You can't get enough Gosling


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