Tuesday, June 19, 2018

This Is The Biggest Heckin' Corgi We've Ever Seen

My sister has a corgi named Mister Moose, and I've always thought it was a fitting name for him. He may be short, but Mister Moose is a battering ram of solid corgo. (Editor's note: "corgo" is a mashup of "corgi" and "doggo," and I am never calling a corgi doggo anything but a "corgo" again. It's too perfect! If you are unfamiliar with DoggoLingo, this article is a wonderful guide!) 

And then I saw this corgi and my knees hurt just imagining a headbutt from him. 

Receiving a headbutt from this guy would be worth it, though, because look at this face!

Named Noah, this heckin' corgo looks like any other of his breed...until you see him next to someone else for scale. 

Oof, look at that! Noah's a bit big for a lapdog. 

Though he looks just like a Pembroke Corgi, his humans are pretty sure he's a mixed breed, which would explain his frame being twice the size of an average corgi. 

When his photo was shared on Reddit, many commenters were concerned about his weight.

But his owner explained that while he is still a bit overweight, he has actually lost 15 pounds since they adopted him in April 2017. He currently weighs 59 pounds. 

She explained that his former owner had medical issues that prevented walkies, and Noah was also being overfed. 

Through a strict diet and a lot of exercise, they are well on their way to a goal of 40–45 pounds. Average corgis should weight about 30 pounds, but due to Noah's size, it would be unhealthy to drop that low.

Noah may still have some weight to lose, but I have a feeling that no matter how much he weighs, he's going to be big, cuddly, and thicc forever and ever. 

Which I think everyone can be on board with.

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