Thursday, June 21, 2018

This Teen Uses Kanye West Album Covers As Eye Makeup Inspiration

As much as I love a good glittery eyeshadow look, I love it when makeup artists go a little crazy. Creating unique looks that they might not wear every day is so interesting. One makeup artist did just that, and it is breathtaking. This teen makeup artist took some inspiration from Kanye West albums, and the results are absolutely stunning! Keep reading to check out these gorgeous eyeshadow looks. 


I love the idea of this. It's so unique! She just runs wild with all the colors. 

Watch the Throne

This has to be my favorite design! Obsessed with this glittery golden look. 

Late Registration

I love these blue tears. Also, this album is amazing. 

The College Dropout

How gorgeous is this look? That highlight is so bright! 


I love the mix of all the different colors. The red is so intense, yet gorgeous. 


She even recreated The Weeknd's album. The little star is the perfect touch. 

What album would you like her to recreate? Comment to let us know! 


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