Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tom Hiddleston Finally Opens Up About That 'I Heart T.S.' Shirt

Who remembers the great Hiddleswift relationship of 2016? Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift definitely had a whirlwind romance that lasted for three whole months. The two traveled the world together in those months, and the paparazzi followed along. The couple was basically inseparable. During one of Taylor's famous 4th of July parties, the paparazzi managed to capture Tay and her squad running down to the beach to cool off. Of course, Tom was there and was wearing an "I Heart T.S." shirt. Fans and the media found it pretty amusing, and now, half a year later, we have answers as to why he was wearing that shirt in the first place. 

We were seriously obsessed with Taylor and Tom's romance that sent them around the world in 2016.

Although their relationship lasted just three months, we got to see a lot of these two in the media.

We got a peek into Taylor's 4th of July party, which she usually holds every year.

Of course, it was star-studded and included guests like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, to name a few.

Fans instantly noticed that Tom was wearing an "I heart T.S." tank, and they couldn't help but laugh. Was this a profession of love for Taylor? Was he just being silly? We needed answers!

Sadly, the two called things off not long after the bash, and we figured we would never know the true meaning behind the shirt.

Thankfully, Tom Hiddleston is an actual hero and came through for us in a recent interview with GQ Magazine.

He explained that at the party, he had slipped and hurt his back. He wanted to "protect the graze from the sun" and asked if anyone had a T-shirt he could borrow. 

One of Taylor's friends (he doesn't name names) came through and happened to have the tank on hand for whatever reason. "We all laughed about it. It was a joke," Tom explained.

He added that he was surprised it got so much attention. He said, "The tank top became an emblem of this thing." It was clear in the interview that he was bothered by how his personal life became so public, and he mentioned that he's still working on protecting it without hiding it. 

In the interview, Tom had nothing but lovely things to say about Taylor. He called her an amazing woman and went on about how generous, kind and lovely she is. 

Throughout the three months of their relationship, fans started to wonder if their relationship was even real or if it was perhaps staged for the media.

Tom also addressed that rumor and confirmed, "Of course it was real."

You guys, Tom is SO cute. I can't. I really can't.

And there you have it, the truth behind the famous tank. We can't help but feel relieved knowing it was all just for fun. 

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