Thursday, June 7, 2018

Yeah, Cupid Never Gets Tired Of This One

The world of dating can be a difficult and scary one, or at least that's the excuse I use when people ask why I've been single for so long. As much as we think we know who we want to end up with and what to avoid, we can sometimes find ourselves throwing all of those standards out the window.

It's not that we met someone so special that we had to rethink our rules. If anything, this person is a perfect and constant reminder of why we made these rules for ourselves in the first place.

Still, it seems that the heart wants what it wants. Why it wants this and how we can get it to stop, however, is still a mystery.

Until we figure it out, let's have a look at what we won't be missing when we do.

1. What, does he have you on a curfew, too?

I'll bet someone called him "daddy" once and started taking it way too seriously. 

2. Nothing says "bae" like getting whiplash, I guess.

Because that thing is absolutely gonna break at the worst possible time.

3. Sometimes, there's a difference between squad goals and relationship goals.

At least you won't have to worry about making things awkward with mutual friends when it's over.

4. Well, it gets a little easier when you realize that looking through seven billion people sounds like a lot of work.

I mean, so does magically making someone like you but that part is always easy to forget for some reason.

5. Tsk tsk tsk, nobody wins the blame game, y'all

Especially not when it's shouted across the table during a family gathering.

6. It takes a special kind of talent to be so bad at hurting that you end up helping.

"Oh wow, I really don't need you in my life. Thanks!"


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