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Two Brothers Give Mom Best Mother's Day Gift By Recreating Old
Childhood Photos

Two Brothers Give Mom Best Mother's Day Gift By Recreating Old Childhood Photos

When two grown brothers get together to recreate their childhood photos, you know it's going to be hilariously good! 

These brothers take the cake with how cute theirs turned out.

Honestly, these are some of the coolest kids turned into the most thoughtful adults: just what every mom wants! 

The best part? These brothers released the photos online to give us all some inspiration just in time for Mother's Day. Let's take a look:

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1. Boxed in bros 

They did such an amazing job recreating the setting and smiles, didn't they? 

2. Music makers

See the carpet? This just goes to show you don't need every single thing to be the exact same to have a wonderful recreation. 

3. Bed brother

That look on his face, though. I bet Mom absolutely loved this one. 

4. Bathing babies 

The classic bathtub shot cannot be forgotten. They look like they had fun with this one! Can you imagine the laughs? 

5. Poised painter

I love how each brother gets his own shot showing his personality. Such a good idea! 

6. Crazy costumes

The trick really is in the looks! See how their expressions help the same story come to life in the second photo?

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12 Facts About Emma Watson

12 Facts About Emma Watson

Emma Watson is known to many of us for her perfect portrayal of Hogwarts hero Hermione Granger. However, that role isn't all there is to the stupendous actress. Watson has accomplished so much in her life already, there is just so much to know about the star. You'd almost need a time turner to learn everything about her.

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1. Emma Watson graduated a straight-A student.

As much as we say she isn't defined by her role as Hermione Granger, the resemblance is still uncanny, isn't it? She even has robes!

2. She's a certified yoga and meditation instructor.

The life of a world famous actress can be a hectic and busy one. So Emma uses yoga and meditation to help unwind and relax, so much so that she's an expert in the subject.

3. She keeps a painstakingly detailed journal of her everyday life.

She's been so meticulous with writing she's filled over 30 journals in total!

4. She absolutely loves to cook.

Emma says cooking helps her feel relaxed, and argues that people close to you always appreciate a good home cooked meal. I agree Emma, there's no downside.

5. Her favorite book in the Harry Potter series is Prisoner of Azkaban.

However, her favorite of the films were the first and last films, because in the first everything was so new, and in the last, she played a much bigger role and it challenged her skills as an actress.

6. Emma Watson was actually born in Paris.

While her parents are English-born, they lived in Paris until Emma was 5, before returning to England. Emma says she can speak some French, but is far from fluent, and is rather rusty these days.

7. She almost didn't stay to finish the Harry Potterseries.

She was beginning to worry that the massive film productions would take up too much time in her life and keep her from her other hobbies and interests. She eventually decided she wouldn't forgive herself for leaving. She said, "I would have gotten a lot more sleep. But I definitely made the right choice.”

8. She once broke into a hotel pool at 3 am.

This is definitely something Hermione wouldn't do. "It was at a hotel, it had a gate around it. My friends turned around and basically I was gone. The next thing they saw was me 7ft up in the air, scaling this fence. I shouldn't be able to get away with what I'm getting away with."

9. Emma admits to having had a huge crush on Tom Felton.

Between the ages of 10 and 12 Watson says she developed a huge crush because "he was a few years older and he had a skateboard." Felton admits that he knew about it, but that he saw her more as a younger sister.

10. Emma Watson's twin half-sisters had a role in one of her films.

In the film Ballet Shoes, Watson's younger sisters were brought in to play Emma's character Pauline as a little girl.

11. Watson auditioned for Hermione 8 times despite Rowling knowing she wanted her from the first screen test.

Watson had no prior acting experience, but she was suggested to the casting directors by her teachers. I hope she thanked those teachers!

12. She is exceptionally passionate about fashion.

She has always found fashion to be incredibly important, and has been the face of multiple different lines as well as being the youngest person to appear on the cover of Teen Vogue at 15.

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19 People Who Dress Like No One Is Watching

19 People Who Dress Like No One Is Watching

We've all had a bad fashion day. Whether we're behind on laundry or just trying out something new, our look doesn't always hit the mark. 

But for some, it seems like failing at getting dressed is a daily practice — a craft they've honed, if you will. Yes, for these people, fashion is an adventure — a regular foray into a world governed by the motto: "If it fits on your body like clothes, then wear it."


Just scroll. You'll see what I mean.

1. When you've had your pants pulled down in public before and you vowed to never let it happen again.

2. I'd make fun of this family if I could see them.

3. Go home, Narnia. You're drunk.

4. When you're trying to find the right radio station.

5. All aboard the Walmart train.

6. I'm more fascinated by how long his tank top is rather than how low his shorts are.

7. A man who literally has no secrets.

8. When you want to look cool but Dad Pants are life.

9. Pretty sure this is animal cruelty.


10. She looks so uncomfortable being worn with sandals.

And they're those kind of sandals, too.

11. I'm gonna go ahead and assume he just came from a rave.

12. For when you forget something and have to run back.

13. That time the floor was the B who stole your look.

14. Whatever. Anyone who can walk in spikes on wet concrete like that deserves a round of applause.

15. DI-Why did this seem like a good idea?

16. I'm concerned that nobody else is concerned.

17. Everyone's dad in 1990.

18. My first thought was that she's a mom and this was her only chance to leave the house and she just went with it.

19. One of these gentlemen is slightly less gangster than he thinks he is.

Side note: Totally thought Al Pacino was Mel Gibson for a second.

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15 Helpful Facts About Teeth Health

15 Helpful Facts About Teeth Health

Often, your smile is the first thing somebody will notice about you. Your teeth are out there, on display to the world, making a first impression for you.

What's more, they work for you all day, grinding delicious morsels down into the energy you need to get through life.

Teeth are easy to take for granted, though. Most of the day, you don't really remember they're even there. But they affect so much of your life, they deserve more attention.

As the saying goes, take care of your teeth, and they'll take care of you!

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1. The secret to strong teeth is fluoride.

Fluoride has been proven to prevent cavities and reverse the early stages of tooth decay. That's why it's in toothpaste and mouthwash, and why many cities add it to their drinking water.

2. Plaque becomes tartar when it hardens on your teeth.

And it's a lot more difficult to remove. Plaque comes from bacteria, acid, saliva, and food, and it sticks to your teeth – brushing removes it. When it hardens into tartar, a dentist has to scrape it off.

3. Eating or drinking too often puts your teeth at risk.

The more often food comes into contact with your teeth, the more opportunity it has to wear down your teeth and deposit bacteria. 

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4. Dry mouth can cause bacteria to grow.

Saliva is gross, but it's good for your mouth. It helps you break down your food and swallow it, and it's still at work even after you're done eating, neutralizing acid and preventing bacteria from growing.

5. Sugar rots your teeth.

You already knew you should avoid too much sugar. But a study out of England says sugar is the only cause of tooth decay. That's because bacteria in the mouth uses sugar to create acid that makes holes in teeth. And tooth decay is shockingly common – as many as 92% of U.S. adults have experienced it.

6. Brush twice a day.

If you've just had an acidic drink, wait half an hour before taking to the toothbrush. The acid can weaken your tooth enamel, and brushing too soon can remove it entirely.

But wait, there's more...

7. There is a right way to floss your teeth.

Form a 'C' shape around your tooth with the floss and gently move it up and down. Don't be too harsh or you can cut into your gums. 

8. Visit the dentist regularly.

You don't have to like it, but a proper cleaning from your dentist every six months is important for your dental health.

9. Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in children.

It might not seem like a problem because they're going to lose their baby teeth, but habits – good or bad – start early and last a long time. More than two-thirds of teenagers aged 16–19 have had a cavity in their permanent teeth.

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10. Your teeth are unique to you.

Nobody else has teeth like yours. Just like fingerprints and retinas, your teeth can be used to identify you, which is why dental records are sometimes used to identify human remains. Not even twins have the same teeth.

11. Brushing too vigorously can do more harm than good.

It's easy to overdo it and end up wearing down your enamel and maybe making your gums bleed and recede. If your toothbrush's bristles bend like they're being crushed, you're pressing too hard. 

12. Gingivitis can lead to tooth loss – and worse.

Usually gingivitis shows up with red, swollen, bleeding gums. It's easy to turn around with brushing and flossing, but left unchecked it can turn into periodontal disease, in which the gums separate from the teeth. Other complications that have been associated with gingivitis: diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and lung disease. So it's worth taking care of your teeth!

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13. You only have one permanent set of teeth, so you have to take care of them.

Humans have two sets of teeth throughout their lives: baby teeth and permanent teeth. Once you have your permanent teeth, that's it! It's up to you to make them last.

14. Brushing should be limited to three minutes.

To ensure you're brushing for the right amount of time, use a timer to keep track of things or play a song on your phone of the same length!

15. Your lifestyle choices can impact your teeth.

Everyone knows that certain habits, like smoking, aren't good for your teeth. But did you know that regular exercise and a healthy diet can decrease your chances of developing gum disease?

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