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11 CRAZY Things People Have Believed About T-Swift

Everybody knows that Taylor Swift is America's sweetheart! The people who are lucky enough to meet her always say the same thing: she's the nicest person EVER. But being the sweetest person in the world still doesn't stop people from spreading rumors about you. Where do the tabloids come up with these ideas? Taylor has had the WEIRDEST rumors spread about her and here are the 11 craziest ones.

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Taylor has had to put up with A LOT ever since she became famous. Media, I'm looking at you. 

Look at her angelic face! She doesn't deserve the hate. #ProtectTSwiftAtAllCosts

She's managed to stay ~classy~ whenever someone spreads a rumor about her. 

It's obvi she's stayed strong because she has her girl squad with her at all times! I guess my application to join her squad got lost in the mail??? Taylor??? 

Taylor's motto is to "shake it off," but even shecan't do that with these CRAZY rumors! 

1. Taylor showed up to the People's Choice Awards in 2013 and people were CONVINCED she got a boob job.

A plastic surgeon even said he saw her "scar". Uh... that's a shadow. Haters gonna hate! She probably did the Kim K tape trick. 

2. There was that one time when the tabloids thought Tay was dating two guys at once! She was supposedly dating Conor Kennedy AND Patrick Schwarzenegger!

Uh, no. She was in love with Conor and would never cheat on him. Need proof? Listen to "Everything Has Changed."

3. People believed that Taylor was literally in tears over Jake Gyllenhaal dating Camilla Belle. Apparently Tay was devastated that Jake moved on... with her arch nemesis!

Don't remember the feud between Camilla and Taylor? Just listen to "Better Than Revenge" and you'll be all caught up! 

4. At one point, Taylor was pregnant! Apparently, Taylor and Harry were supposed to have a baby together!

TBH their baby would be totes adorbs (Haylor forever!), but, like, what??? She was obviously NEVER preggers! 

5. Apparently, Taylor can't just be really close friends with Karlie Kloss! The internet was in flames when there was a photo that supposedly showed that Taylor and Karlie kissing.

Don't believe everything you see on the internet! It's SO untrue. Kaylor will forever live on as a friendship. 

6. There's no doubt that Taylor has AMAZING legs. But did people really think she insured them for $40 million?!

Taylor actually decided to respond to this crazy rumor and posted on Instagram that Meredith (her cute cat!) scratched her leg and now owed her $40 million!


7. There was that one time when everybody believed that she bought houses near every guy she's ever dated. 

Uh, what?! She did buy a house in Cape Cod, but only as a summer home because she fell in love with the place. NOT because she wanted to be close to Conor!

8. There was also that one time Taylor apparently told Camila Cabello to quit Fifth Harmony. 

Nope, nope, nope. Why would she do that when she invited Fifth Harmony to perform with her on the 1989 World Tour?!

9. And that crazy rumor about her wanting to get back together with John Mayer? 100% FALSE. She wrote "Dear John" about him and... it's pretty harsh.

They are never ever ever getting back together. 

10. Another break up, make up?! People seriously thought Harry and Taylor broke up and started secretly dating again. 

Let's just all listen to 1989 and remember the beautiful relationship that was Haylor. 

11. And finally, the weirdest and craziest rumor of all. Taylor Swift doesn't have a belly button?! 

Relax, guys. She does. There ARE photos of her belly button online! 

Taylor's probably cackling and counting her millions of dollars while she reads about these crazy rumors! COMMENT and tell us if you believed any of these!


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