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11 Disturbing Details About The CIA's Real Life 'Jason Bourne' Program


Jason Bourne is a kickass movie. Jason Bourne is a kickass person. Jason Bourne is... real?

Yeah, seriously. At least that's what real uncovered documents reveal. And now I'm terrified.

Well, to be honest the person Jason Bourne wasn't real, but the experiments that are the plot for those movies turns out to be LEGIT. 

If you've been living under a rock, The Jason Bourne film series follows Matt Damon as a CIA assassin who regains his memory and tries to figure out who he is.

The Paul Greengrass movies were based on a book series by thriller author Robert Ludlum.

There are some differences between the book and the films but the the common thread is that he KICKS major ass.

Like this SLOW-MO scene...

1. But it turns out that the mind control story line that are based on TRUTH, specifically 149 experiments the CIA called "Project MKUltra" which was launched in 1953...

While the agency tried to DESTROY all evidence that those programs existed, they're just now coming to light.

1. The first targets of the CIA mind control program were UNSUSPECTING prostitutes, mental patients and drug addicts, because they were "people who could not fight back", as one CIA officer admitted.

The patients were not asked nor did they know that they were given LSD and the other drugs — clearly a violation of the Nuremberg Code the U.S. agreed to follow after WW2.

But we're just getting started, so hold onto your butts...

2. In another experiment, one hypnotized woman was ORDERED to “fly into a rage and shoot” another hypnotized woman if she wouldn't wake up.

So in that state, she started furiously shaking the woman.

She wasn't able to wake up her slumbering partner, so she grabbed an unloaded pistol and fired the blanks and passed out right after.

Neither of them remembered a damn thing...

3. The CIA gave one Kentucky mental patient LSD EVERY DAY for 179 days straight to find out if LSD could be used to turn Russian spies AGAINST their will!

They wanted to know if they could draw out confessions or completely wipe a subject's mind clean and make them unwittingly a slave... sound familiar?

4. In Operation Midnight Climax, the CIA set up brothels in San Francisco where they'd give men LSD and they'd suddenly be interrogated under bright lights and doctors taking notes!

They threatened to extend their "trips" unless they confessed their secrets. PS, they picked this place to find a group of men who'd be too embarrassed to talk about what the agency would do to them.

But this brothel mind control experiment gets SO MUCH worse because of who these men were.... 

5. Turns out that Operation Midnight Climax would interrogate REAL CIA AGENTS this way just like Jason Bourne. This experiment led to long-term debilitation and several deaths.

It turns out that people being interrogated were CIA employees, U.S. military personnel, and agents who could be double agents during the Cold War...

6. In an experiment, operatives were secretly given LSD in normal situations, one drank it with their morning coffee and he became psychotic, running across Washington, seeing a monster in every car that passed him.

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, the chemist who led Project MKUltra, AKA The Jason Bourne program, thought to test out LSD to people in "normal" settings without warning the subjects.

7. The experiments CONTINUED even after Dr. Frank Olson, an Army scientist who never took LSD before, spiraled into a deep depression after his surprise trip and fell from the 13th floor of a building...

He had no training like Jason Bourne did.

8. The CIA tested stuff in Canada too—one doctor would test out electroconvulsive therapy 30 to 40 times GREATER than normal power! 

P.S. the poor subjects were just people who came into the mental institutes for minor problems such as anxiety disorders and postpartum depression.

9. Those LSD mind control experiments also put subjects into drug-induced comas for WEEKS at a time — in one case, 3 months at a time. 

He made them listen to looped tapes of noise or simple repetitive statements, all with the goal to get them to be mindless slaves.

10. The CIA LSD/Electroshock mind control experiments made already anxious patients suffer permanently from the experiments with AMNESIAand pissing themselves uncontrollably. 

The subjects would also forget how to talk, forgot their parents and thought their interrogators were their parents.

11. AKA just like Jason Bourne did. In 1973, during the Watergate panic, the CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all the MKUltra (Jason Bourne) files destroyed. So no full investigation is ever possible.


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