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14 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The 'Step Up' Movies

When it comes to rom coms, Step Upis the best of the best! People always want to list Love Actually, Bridget Jones's Diary, Crazy, Stupid, Love and any Hugh Grant movie as the number one rom com but they're all wrong. Step Up has it all – it has dance and music elements, there's a rough high school teen who finds purpose in his life through dance and then there's a girl who gets to achieve her dreams. IT'S JUST THE BEST. And while you probably have watched it dozens of times (like any regular human has), there's a bunch of stuff you missed because you were too busy trying to learn the choreography or you were busy trying to wipe off your drool because of young Channing Tatum. Here are some cool on-set secrets from Step Up

1. Jenna Dewan-Tatum used to have to spend hours in the makeup chair getting her tattoos covered up. But it's okay because she would spend that time chatting up Channing Tatum!

Cutest. Couple. Ever. 

2. Channing said that he hated practicing the dance move where he had to slide between the legs of the girl. Every time, he had to say a small prayer before he did it because he was terrified he would accidentally knock her over. 

3. The music was pretty great in this movie, right? Especially during the party scenes? Well, all of that was added in later. They were actually just dancing to silence! 

4. Remember the window that the boys break in the movie? The director said it was already broken because Channing thought it was a good idea to use a slingshot to try and break it before the scene was shot. 

5. Jenna said that she knew she wanted to marry Channing when they did the dance step where she jumped and he caught her. "After 10 takes and a guy doesn't struggle to catch you, you know he's the one."

I think my heart just melted from that cuteness right there. 

6. Channing almost refused to be in the movie because of the other actors! He was so intimidated by them because they all had been professional dancers all their lives! 

7. All of the artwork displayed in the school was actually made by high school students! 

Wow. Why is everyone so talented?! 

8. Some of the dance moves in the last dance is played backwards in Step Up 2: The Streets. You can tell by Andie's hair moving the wrong way as she dances.

9. Robert Hoffman in the second movie actually went into the Baltimore city underground dance scene to prep for his role! He even competed in break dance circles!

10. The director had to beg Channing to make a cameo in the second movie. Channing said he would if he could do a dance off with another cast member!

11. Remember the courtroom scene in the first movie? They shot that in an actual courthouse in Baltimore and the cast was freaked out because people were coming in and out and actually getting arrested right in front of them!

12. Remember that one scene where Tyler starts unbuttoning his coveralls in the parking lot? Before the scene was shot, Channing joked that he was going to turn it into a whole strip dance.

Oh, Channing. That would come years later with Magic Mike

13. The whole cast and crew watched the lift from Dirty Dancingright before they shot the scene. After that, Channing and Jenna worked on the lift for hours to get it just right! 

14. The cute dance rehearsal montage wasn't all acting and it wasn't meant to be funny either. Jenna just couldn't stop laughing at Channing because he kept messing up and they decided to just keep it in the movie!

Perfect couple on screen and off. I just can't with this couple!

The Step Up franchise is amazing. I think it's time for EVERYONE to rewatch it. 

COMMENTand tell us your favorite scene from the movie! 

Obviously mine is the final performance scene! THEY KILLED IT.


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