Saturday, July 7, 2018

14 Hilarious Truths About Married Life

Whoever thinks things don't change the minute someone gets married is completely wrong. It may not show straight away, but over time things definitely start shifting. People start getting comfortable with each other (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) and forget the spark that made them feel the need to get married in the first place.

These hilarious truths about married life are pretty accurate and maybe your marriage is nothing like this, which is a given, but some people will definitely be able to relate.

1. Uh-oh.

2. You could be the king of the jungle, but at home, you're not. At all.

3. Gaming becomes a couple thing and this happens EVERY time:

4. This is how arguments play out.

5. ...Haaaaaaaa.

6. Sometimes you need to get away when you're married. 

7. Things get shared and it's inevitable. 

8. This truth becomes all too clear...

9. Hell hath no fury like a wife scorned.

10. The smelly truth...

11. And when you do shower together, this is what you're expecting vs. what you actually get.

12. Preach!

13. LOL. 

14. Marriage can take a heavy toll.


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