Saturday, July 7, 2018

14 Texts Gone Super Savage

Texting's been around for over a decade now, but some people still claim they're hard to read. You can't always tell what the other person's tone of voice is, ya know? 

So how do we solve this problem? Probably not like these people, but who am I to judge? I literally have no opinions either way, I'm just here for the lols...

1. At least he was being honest?

2. And being polite...

3. Whoa, ease up!

4. One clear answer.

5. Copycat 

6. Well, that escalated quickly...

7. This mom has no chill!

8. Boom — right in the pride!

9. Dad with no chill

10. Points for being specific...

11. Slow ride, take it eas-ay

12. Definitely savage

13. Ouch! Right in the feels...

14. Just stranger things...


Author: verified_user