Saturday, July 28, 2018

15 People Having A Case Of The Mondays

You're going to hate me.

I ask that you keep the hate as tame as humanly possible.

But you're going to hate me.

I wrote every caption in this article with puns that'd put even the worst dad jokes to shame. 

Why did I do this? Because it's Monday and bad puns accurately express how I feel about this horrific experience that happens once every seven days. That's why. But, as all things, it'll be over soon. In the meantime, let's have ourselves a hearty chuckle at the dreadfulness that is these peoples' Mondays. I promise the words "bad day" will be put into perspective by the time you get to the 15th photo.

Catch ya later.

1. This is EGGactly the opposite of how I wanted to start my week,

2. Donut mess with me today, Monday.

3. I was PANTing by the time I unraveled this from my chair. 

4. Jim's drive home from work was...sticky.

5. The grocery store was complete PANDAmonium this morning.

(These puns are making my physically ill)

6. Suddenly, a chili ran up my spine. 

7. He hit the Target for the typical retail employee

8. Someone once told me the key to happiness is locked within.

9. Mondays are bull. Amirite?

10. The forecast didn't call for such crappy weather.

11. Some idiot VANdalized my vehicle. Happy Monday.

12. "S'cuse me, sir. Urine my light."

13. This CYCLEpath is trying to run everyone's Monday.

14. Monday began with a bit of a...splash.

15. It's not a Monday if nobody offers you crack on the way to work. 

Main image via reddit / tinkerbell77

Collage image via Jon Nazca / Reuters


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