Sunday, July 15, 2018

15 Times The Customer Was Almost Right

A great customer service experience and a smooth, clean poop are two things that happen rarely in life. But when they do, they are two of the most pleasant, week-changing experiences known to humankind. 

Now, when customer service departments started (apparently) hiring comedians to run their Twitter accounts, people's experiences with complaints and queries were brought to a whole new level of entertainment. Who ever thought we'd be living in a world where you could be sitting without toilet paper on a train across the UK and tweet for staff to bring you some wipes? I mean, seriously? These are the kinds of stories that should lead the news every night. We'd all be so much more optimistic.

But that's enough poop-talk for now, I think. Let's just get right into it and examine the glory that is customers vs. customer service Twitter accounts, shall we?

1. For the uninitiated, "no a grass" translates to "not a snitch." You may laugh now.

2. I'm wildly impressed with the kid's resourcefulness and Virgin Trains' response time. 

3. If the dog is healthy, I'm actually okay with this transition. 

4. I hope this made it to his ex.

5. Lonely dad is lonely.

6. I guess I'll keep buying from the 18-year-old kid that works on the loading dock at Costco.

7. I love the passive aggressiveness the internet allows people to rebut with.

8. How does one color without carnation pink?

9. Step 247: Apply ice to burn.

10. Apparently Tesco doubles as a comedy club.

11. Unbeknownst to the person tweeting, the Underground runs multiple trains every day, all day. Who knew?

12. Marijuana? Not even once.

13. I can speak British chav, so let me translate: "When will the PS4 be in stock in Moss Side? I don't want to wait anymore. And the gentleman of Asian descent has a poor attitude."

"It's okay Twitter guy, we're getting more PS4s within the next week, okay? Sorry about the (Asian fella's) attitude. He's likely having a bad day."

14. We all know this much civility has never been seen between these two communities.

15. What did he ask for that it ended up like this?

Main image via Twitter / @o2

Collage image via Twitter / @JetiJig


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