Friday, July 27, 2018

16 Angels Who Went From Zero To 100 Real Quick

When we have children, partners, or pets (#foreveralone), we view them so high up on a pedestal that it becomes impossible to see them in any negative light.
But what if they suddenly change for the worse, and they're not the little angel you once knew?
We've found a few cuties who went to the dark side, and we're not sure they can ever come back!

1. I don't know what this is, or what it's planning.

2. What kind of sick cult...

When roadkill changes its meaning...

3. Did someone skip tail day?

Just kidding. Don't hurt me.

4. This cat is FOR SURE putting a curse on someone.

Wait 'til you see what some kids are capable of...

5. Just do it, Mum.

I believe him.

6. UM tell me that's not SLAPPY from Goosebumps??

This is terrifying. This kid's not getting any candy from me.

7. Then there's the changing mood of your S.O.

And it usually involves food.

8. An odd comparison?

9. She better watch out...

10. NOT happy.

11. Relatable.

12. Oh, it's something.

13. He could be taking this better...

14. No more pinecones.

15. There's a reason we haven't.

16. Shame! All this time!


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