Friday, July 13, 2018

16 Of The Most Amazing Wood Sculptures

Woodworking is one of those old-school crafting skills that'll never go away completely. 

Even in modern times, with our prefabricated homes and particle board furniture from Ikea, there's still space for handcrafted wooden beauty. Let's take a moment to appreciate what hardworking hands can do to natural elements. 

1. All done without power tools...

Redditor spastichabits shared some of their dad's handiwork. Incredibly, these distinctive pieces are made entirely by hand, all out of a single block of laurel wood.

2. The creepiest piece you could possibly buy.

Set this one up in your living room and there's no way anyone is ever going to want to break into your house.


There's dedication, and then there's this. Every square inch of this piece is incredibly intricate and stunning. One misplaced cut or chip and the whole thing could be ruined.

4. I think your dresser is cracked...

I love the playful nature of this dresser. Getting each drawer (even the bottom ones, which are subtly different) would have required some careful measuring and cutting.

5. Excuse me,'re melting.

I don't know what, exactly, a melting knight is supposed to represent, but it's hard to deny that this carving by Morgan Herrin is a particularly eye-catching piece.

6. Talk about two-faced...

Having a skull sculpture or a human head sculpture is pretty cool (especially when they're this well-made). But having both in the same sculpture? That's even better.

7. Creatively utilized scrap wood.

With most wood pieces, you can see the woodgrain but not have a sense of the trees that the wood came from. This coffee table really puts the forest in your living room.

8. Don't touch the woodpile!

If you've ever had a wood-burning stove, you've probably had a big pile of firewood somewhere on your property. This, though, is on another level entirely.

9. An amazing wood sculpture, in Gif form.

A screengrab of this would be impressive in its own right, but to fully appreciate this kinetic wood sculpture, you really need to see it in action.

10. Pouring a tree stump.

Creating the illusion of a floating paint bucket from this tree stump would take some careful planning — first, brute force to get rid of the excess wood, then meticulous carving.

11. If Stormtroopers were a little more nature-oriented.

If Imperial forces occupied the Forest Moon of Endor and ran out of shiny white plastic, their helmets might wind up looking a bit like this.

12. Rawr!

The artist who created this had probably seen enough uprooted trees to envision the roots as a lion's mane. It's amazing that something like this was created with a chainsaw.

13. Creative use of burnt wood.

What started as a (relatively) simple cat's head carving is made striking with blue glass eyes and expertly burnt areas to replicate the distinctive pattern of a Siamese cat.

14. Sweet ride.

A full-sized dragon / motorcycle hybrid made entirely out of carved wood is the kind of thing you don't realize you desperately need until you finally see it.

15. Their bark is worse than their bite.

Here's another awesome stump carving. The artist could have been content to carve one wolf standing on the stump, but went the extra mile by adding a bonus wolf.

16. That's metal...err, that's wood.

It might be a tad geeky (to non-metal fans, at least), but there's no denying the care and craftsmanship (and balance!) that went into this Metallica carving.

If you could have any carving from this list, which one would it be? Tell us in the comments!


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