Tuesday, July 10, 2018

16 Things That Are Shockingly Similar To Completely Unrelated Things

Things that look like other things. Stuff that looks like other stuff. Animals that look like people. Objects that look like animals that look like people that look like ... and it goes on. Daily life (but more so, the internet) is chock full of this business and people really can't get enough of if. Oh, a parking lot post that looks like a really skinny pint of beer? Please, more. What about crackers crushed in soup that actually form a world map, pre-Pangea? Or what about, well, absolutely anything that resembles any presidential candidate? Yeah, everyone loves that, obvs. Regardless of what it is, if it's a thing that looks like another thing, the internet digs it, so check it out ... now.  

1. So this dog looks like this muffin.  

Just saying. 

2. Then there was the time a cat looked just like Dobby.


3. Half person, half router. Wi-Fi for all. 

(it's just a cut in RL, FYI)

4. That time the button on your train looked like an angry Kenny. 


5. Hey, that cat looks like that fake polar bear skin rug from Ikea... 

...that everyone ever has owned at some point in their apartment. 

6. Volkswagens, fine automobiles. And they have wheels that look like a garbage can's. 

Note: They also fit into each other like puzzle pieces, so let's consider the message the Universe is giving us here...

7. Maybe this is burnt toast or maybe it's a ghost cat peeking out of the toaster. 

Ghost cats are real. 

8. Mmmm ... sloth croissants.


9. Never mistake your cat for a turkey because, ew. 

...so many ews. 

10. This cactus is under arrest. 

Angry too. Angry, yelling, and under arrest. 

11. Who wore it best?

The dog or Tom Hanks?

12. Tortillas = romance. 

The best kind of romance.  

13. The cutest potato you've ever seen. 


14. Yep. This is a thing that exists in our world. 

It's alright, I want fried chicken now too. 

15. The Joker while on vacation from joking. 

#Jokersansjokes #noway #wtf

Main image source: Twitter / @MrLXC

Collage image source: Twitter / @MrLXC


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