Wednesday, July 18, 2018

18 Extremely Photogenic People That Will Make You Wonder "HOW?!"

You know who I hate more than people that make you wait five minutes behind them while they order their ridiculously floozy, long-winded, shmancy-fancy drink at Starbucks? I hate ridiculously photogenic people. I hate them because I want to be them. I, for one, can't seem to look even remotely decent when I doll myself up and KNOW that a picture is being taken. For some reason, I'm SOL when it comes to that. That's exactly why I have that option to filter out the photos I'm tagged in BEFORE they show up on my wall. These people though, don't need that option because they were blessed with ridiculous amounts of photogenic...ness. Like, these people are getting hit in the face, crawling through mud, running marathons all while looking like a supermodel. I can't even take a picture standing without looking like a fool.

1. "Oh, is that barbed wire? More like badass props for my photoshoot of my rockin' bod."

2. "I'm so good at MMA fighting that I look good doing it."

3. This one's always prepared for a camera, even during a triple jump.

4. "What massive eagle on my hand?"

5. "Hey I'm not busy at the moment to chat."

6. "Flames? What flames? Oh, I'm running? Really? Interesting."

7. "You call these hurdles? I call them model platforms."

8. They're like Bonnie and Clyde.

9. Getting tackled like it's nothing.

10. He looks as though he was simply lying on his couch watching TV.

11. She's just all smiles even through the flames. 

12. Mid-tackle right after his helmet flew off...yet he's still THE MOST beautiful man I've laid my eyes on.

13. This marathon is in fact just a bunch of people running after HIM because he's that good looking.

14. Rollercoaster? More like Rockin'coaster.

15. How does she remain so composed and not distorted?!

16. Catch and pose, boys, catch and pose.

17. He was born for the camera.

18. She probably still looked good after her hair got ruined.


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