Tuesday, July 31, 2018

19 People Who Dress Like No One Is Watching

We've all had a bad fashion day. Whether we're behind on laundry or just trying out something new, our look doesn't always hit the mark. 

But for some, it seems like failing at getting dressed is a daily practice — a craft they've honed, if you will. Yes, for these people, fashion is an adventure — a regular foray into a world governed by the motto: "If it fits on your body like clothes, then wear it."


Just scroll. You'll see what I mean.

1. When you've had your pants pulled down in public before and you vowed to never let it happen again.

2. I'd make fun of this family if I could see them.

3. Go home, Narnia. You're drunk.

4. When you're trying to find the right radio station.

5. All aboard the Walmart train.

6. I'm more fascinated by how long his tank top is rather than how low his shorts are.

7. A man who literally has no secrets.

8. When you want to look cool but Dad Pants are life.

9. Pretty sure this is animal cruelty.


10. She looks so uncomfortable being worn with sandals.

And they're those kind of sandals, too.

11. I'm gonna go ahead and assume he just came from a rave.

12. For when you forget something and have to run back.

13. That time the floor was the B who stole your look.

14. Whatever. Anyone who can walk in spikes on wet concrete like that deserves a round of applause.

15. DI-Why did this seem like a good idea?

16. I'm concerned that nobody else is concerned.

17. Everyone's dad in 1990.

18. My first thought was that she's a mom and this was her only chance to leave the house and she just went with it.

19. One of these gentlemen is slightly less gangster than he thinks he is.

Side note: Totally thought Al Pacino was Mel Gibson for a second.

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