Monday, July 9, 2018

21 People Who Prove That Jerks Are Real

We all have a mean streak. We all know how good it feels to be passive aggressive and how satisfying being a jerk can be, except that we all have limits. Our moral compasses tell us to stop and maybe focus on being a decent human being instead, but somehow they skipped these people...

Seriously, some of these people are shameful. From picking on people for what they look like, to just plain being a big ol' jerk, there's no excuse for these people.

1. The person who decided this was a good idea

2. The sibling who thought this would be a fun surprise

3. This guy who probably threw it out immediately

For shame!

4. The multiple people who decided it wasn't worth their time to just flip it over

5. The person who probably served their kids this

6. The person who just ruined a birthday

That's the best piece!

7. The person who noticed this uncanny resemblance

8. The person who added a glue stick to this drawer of lip balm

9. The person who put this here


10. The neighbor who did this

11. The person who added in the second comment

12. The person who came up with this

13. The person who took up two parking spots

Two accessible spots. Seriously?!

14. The person who decided to give her luggage a seat ON A FULL BUS

15. The person who Photoshopped this... seriously?

This is the lowest thing you could ever do. So shameful.

16. The biker who ignored the bike lane

17. The person who thought this was an acceptable note

18. The person who ruined Neapolitan for the rest of us

19. The people who completely ruined this store's floor

C'mon guys...

20. The person who wrote this as a tip

Can we just stop shaming people, please? (Well, except to shame them for shaming!)

21. And of course, the person who abused the 10 items or less lane

We all know one of these people.


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