Saturday, July 21, 2018

23 Petty Pics For Petty People

There's no shame in being petty. Some might say it's a talent, a lifestyle, a carefully honed skill. So why not embrace it, right?

1. TTYL! 

2. Pardon you?

3. Do NOT mess with me

4. Bon appétit

It takes some skill to be petty on a date...

5. No eye contact please

6. Even wifi names can get petty 

7. You might be a sore loser, but you're real great at winning

8. Excuse me?!

We've all done the next one, don't lie...

9. Ahh yes, a petty classic 

10. The petty is strong with this one

11. It's a risk you run, but it's worth it

12. Let me spell it out for ya 

Next time you really want to crank up the petty, you have to try the next one...

13. You want petty, now that's petty

14. Bye, let's not keep in touch

15. It's never too late to say sorry if you say it right...

16. It comes naturally 

The next husband got real petty...

17. A Craigslist ad just to spite your wife?

18. Take that ya greedy coworkers! 

19. Bae be petty!

20. Don't us girls do enough?

What happens when you don't come home for the holidays?

21. Someone's trying to send a hint...

22. Petty Prius 

23. Forget about it! 


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