Wednesday, July 25, 2018

40 People Who Most Definitely Deserve A Refund

Reality doesn't always match the picture we have in our head, but for the most part, we expect it to match the picture on the screen in front of us, especially if it's a picture of something we're about to shell out a decent amount of cash for! 

Alas, as the next 27 people discovered, unfortunately, most things do not come as advertised!

1. You should get more than a refund for this one

2. Apparently, curiosity gets the best of all of us

3. Accidentally repping the ganja 

4. Discount haircuts are never worth it

If you think that haircut is bad, wait till you see the next one...

5. From dog to strung-out vermin

6. This is just heartbreaking

7. Never trust a one-size-fits-all garment

8. No seamstress in the world can fix this

I don't know how much more of this I can take...

9. Burnt and broken? It doesn't get any worse than this

10. Perhaps I spoke too soon...

11. It looks like it's been constructed out of old granny panties

12. Sweet kicks...

13. It's completely acceptable to send it back and ask for a plate


15. You'd think people would have learned their lesson about Great Clips by now...

16. At least you got some of your money back...

The next pic is proof that you should never order a salad...

17. Is it a salad? Is it a lettuce napkin? Who knows?

18. I guess Barbie is getting a new carpet 

19. This sandwich tastes a little dusty...

20. Not exactly gym attire...

Hopefully, the next person didn't spend too much...

21. Hmm...honey I shrunk the entertainment center 

22. This purchase reminds me of Charlie Brown's Halloween, "I got a rock..."

23. Looks great on the cat, though

24. Umm, like the state... not the orifice 

Come on, that kind of mistake at least deserves a free flavor shot next time you go in!

Some purchases haunt us forever, or at least for a year or two...

25. I know the sauce makes it, but it should still include the rib...

26. They failed to mention the sizes were for Barbie dolls

27. Unfortunately, you get what you ask for

28. I Bet they didn't seethat one coming

Apologies, that was a terrible pun. 

29. I'm still on the fence as to whether this one is a win or a lose 

30. Goddamn it, Starbucks! 

I ordered my latte skinny, not my sandwich!

31. I know you don't pay for samples, but you should still get some kind of reparation for enduring this!

Just be glad your food isn't handled by thismeat molester 

32. Apparently the chipmunks need a place to sit too

33. I can see Taco Bell employees have great attention to detail

34. Baggy jeans or skinny jeans, hmmm... why not both?!

35. This is what happens when you're rude to the drive thru person 

36. It's not a good look, to say the least...

37. This guy definitely got ripped off — I mean, he basically, mugged!

38. Not even the "healthy" fast food choices are safe...

I can make a better sandwich the day before payday! Well, not really. It would probably just be mayonnaise... 

39. This disgruntled shopper should definitely be reimbursed 

40. Okay, so this is the only person who probably didn't deserve the refund


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