Sunday, July 8, 2018

8 DIY Flowers Perfect For Bookworms

Flowers are beautiful, but they die so quickly. Books, however, last for ages! Want to give a gift that lasts, or ensure that you can hang on to your bridal bouquet for years to come? Instead of buying fresh flowers, head to a second-hand book shop, pick up some pre-loved novels and create handmade treasures with a unique touch. Here are eight gorgeous book flowers to recreate, whether you're planning a fancy event or simply looking for a creative way to decorate your space.

1. To start, here's a step-by-step tutorial so you can create your first book flowers.

2. Now turn your hand to this beautiful bridal bouquet of book roses!

3. Glue the flowers to a branch for a unique home decoration.

4. Use colored flowers matched with newspaper to artfully adorn a special gift.

5. Use whole pages to create these eye-catching wall decorations.

6. Craft these elegant calla lily blooms with stiff pages and long, straight sticks.

7. Gents can add flair to their suits with comic book-themed paper boutonnieres.

8. Or simply create a sweet centrepiece that will never die, drop its petals or smell bad!


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