Monday, July 9, 2018

9 Weirdest Political Ads Ever

The end of 2016 will bring another election with it. There are new candidates, some which are weird, some that are surprising, and others that were just expected all along. With the election often comes a lot of campaigning. I mean, how else can they expect to win if their faces aren't plastered all over everything? Normally, ad campaigns are done pretty well and stick to a point, but there are a few that will just leave you downright bamboozled. The crazy thing is that some of these weird ad campaigns get no coverage, so we never really hear about them. Well, here are 9 of the most bizarre political ads you're likely to see.

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1. Take a peek at this picture and let your jaw drop. Apparently this is what employing former gang members looks like for an anti-gang ad.

Courtesy of LA Councilwoman Janice Hahn.

2. What's a better way to entice people to vote for you than by throwing up a desert scene and grabbing a lightsaber?

There is nothing better, according to Christopher Knight.

3. If you ever want to implement a conservation initiative, why not put together an extremely frightening video of singing animals?


I can already imagine my dreams...

4. Mike Gravel, the glorious two-time Alaskan Senator, made a super awesome video for his (hopeful) 2008 presidential nomination.

"F*** this rock."

5. What do you do when you want to beat a Senate candidate? Get two chickens to have a faceoff, of course! Don't worry, they don't actually fight.

6. "Hey guys, I think we should take down Democratic candidate, Gary Peters with a horribly made Sharknado-themed video."

- Michigan Republican Party

7. If Say Yes To The Dress is a hit, then it'll clearly work for an ad campaign, right?

Well, that's what someone thought when they made "Say Yes To Rick Scott."

8. Hoping to make Senate, Carly Fiorina made an ad calling her opponent, Tom Campbell, a "demon sheep."

Excellent tactic, friend!

9. Perhaps the best way to run for parliament would be to make an Old Spice-esque video.

Come on, man...

I think I just lost a little bit of faith in humanity...

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