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Beautiful Baby Inherits Unique Genetic Trait That Spans Four Generations

Every once in a while a parent and child can have a very similar birthmark. Usually, the birthmark is a patch of brown on the skin, but they can also manifest as a streak of light-colored hair. One mother/daughter duo from Ridgeland, South Carolina is making quite the splash online for having a remarkably similar and rare white streak in their hair caused by an inherited skin condition. 

Not only do 18-month-old MilliAnna and her mother 23-year-old Brianna Worthy have the mark, Brianna's mother and grandmother also have the mark!

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Baby MilliAnna was born with this striking white patch in her hair.

Surprisingly, though, she isn't the only person in her family with the exact same patch. 

In fact, her mother Brianna has the same white patch in her hair. 

What are the chances? The white patch, which has actually popped up several generations before Brianna on her mother's side, results from a rare skin condition known as poliosis. The white patch is caused by a lack of pigment in the structure of the hair. 

As you can see in this shot, the white patch is in the exact same spot!

How cute is this picture?

The fact that a mother and daughter have the exact same white patch in their hair is remarkable on its own...

...but what makes this story even more mind-blowing is that four generations of Brianna's family have the same patch. 

You have to see the whole family!

MilliAnna's grandmother Jennifer (41 years old), as well as her great-grandmother Jaonne (59 years old), all have the same spot.

If four people in the family have this spot, it makes you wonder how long the trait has actually been in the family.

In an interview, Brianna said, "We are unsure how far back the birthmark goes as my grandmother was adopted as a child and hasn't met her biological family."

The duo has fully embraced the unique look and, of course, they get a lot of attention out in public. 

"We definitely get stopped a lot while out and about on our daily routines," said Brianna. She added, "The majority of the time I welcome the polite comments and don't mind answering the many questions, but honestly, it can be overwhelming at times."

You probably want to see some more pictures of MilliAnna and her mother, right?

Here is MilliAnna with a slick hairdo. 

The two having some SnapChat fun. 

The two getting a little sun outside. 

While her mother did get called "skunk" as a child, it seems clear that the internet is embracing the adorable young girl with open arms. 

It's obvious that anyone who makes fun of MilliAnna in the future is just jealous. She's just too cute! 

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