Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Guy Cuts A Tree In Half And A Terrifying Object Falls Out

Out of most things in the world, snakes rank up there as one of the most feared things a human can encounter. They slither, glide, and pounce — a horrifying set of skills that haunt people in their dreams. 

A new video has surfaced online of a snake emerging from a tree after the hole it was in was sliced in half. Unfortunately, the snake was injured in the process. Remarkably, even after being cut in half by the chainsaw, it manages to make its way out. You have to see this!

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Humans have a particular fear of snakes that may only be rivaled by our fear of spiders.

The thought of one being anywhere near us, or perhaps slivering into our pool, is unbearable.

Some people love them, which is absolutely insane. I guess if they're tiny like this one...

But at the end of the day, we all know why they are horrifying.

You should definitely see the footage of a snake emerging from a tree that has people reacting online...

After sawing the tree in half, the camera operator spotted something weird emerging from the middle of the log.

It's understandable that the person capturing the footage took a step back, what the...

At this point, it becomes clear that the weird object is a snake that was cut in half when the tree was cut.

It's almost fully out of the tree now.

But wait, there's more... 

It finally plops out of the tree!

Somehow, this snake is pushing its way out of this hole with half its body missing. Horrifying.

If you were left with this reaction but want to see more, check out the full video for yourself...

Here's the full video! Brace yourselves!

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