Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Inside Kate Middleton's Stylish Royal Wardrobe

When I was younger, I idolized the Spice Girls and their phenomenal style. I mean, I obviously couldn't pull it off because nobody can touch Baby Spice's baby doll dresses. Now that I'm over that phase, I've moved onto another British woman. I want everything and anything that Kate Middleton owns. She is by far the most stylish member of the royal family. No wonder everything that she wears instantly sells out! Have you ever wondered about how she chooses what she wears or what her budget for clothes is? Keep reading to find out! 

Kate Middleton is one of the most photographed women in the world. 

Her every move is documented for the public to see. 

And she manages to keep her cool and remain elegant. 

With Kate being constantly photographed, people have come to notice her chic style. Everybody wants to dress like Kate! So what's the secret to her great style? Keep reading to find out.

Whenever Kate wears anything from an affordable brand, the item instantly sells out. The phenomenon has been called "the Kate effect." 

There were rumors going around that Kate's enviable fashion had a budget of $55,000 for the first six months of 2012 and the bill was paid by Prince Charles, her father-in-law.

The Duchess has a policy that she isn't allowed to wear clothes that are sent to her for free, and that's a strict policy she stands by. 

Despite this rule, designers still send Kate tons of designer clothes, handbags and shoes to the palace. The items are all returned with a polite thank you note. 

Kate loves to support British designers, such as Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham. 

Kate's mother even has a hand in her chic style. Her mom buys clothes and accessories for Kate using her own money. 

The Duchess is able to wear beautiful designer gowns to the many red carpet events she's invited to, but that doesn't mean she's only about expensive clothes! Kate's style can be easily replicated because she often shops at Topshop and Zara. 

The paparazzi have also caught Kate buying designer clothes from outlets.

She's taken a cue from Queen Elizabeth and often recycles her outfits. 

As for accessories, Kate loves jewelry from Monica Vinader and has been wearing her pieces since 2014.

And her most worn shoescome from L.K. Bennett. The "Sledge" heels are often sold out!

Do you own anything Kate has worn in the past? 

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