Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Just When You Thought You'd Seen Every Single Worst Tattoo...

Just when you thought you'd seen the worst tattoos, humanity rises to the occasion and gives you more spectacles to cringe at. Next time you're thinking of getting an instantly regrettable it. 
Seriously, do it. And then put it on the Internet for us. We will express our gratitude through laughter.

1. "Rollback prices for life."

2. Elvis should probably leave the building.

3. :(

4. Is that Lanny McDonald?

5. What's the only thing worse than one of those stupid troll dolls?

6. "I want to break free! I want to break free!"

7. Yes.

8. Remember that 3D movie that was really long and okay? This guy does.

9. That is one classy arm.

10. Whose exactly?

11. "Puttin' on the gutz."

12. Stamp! Revirginized!

13. I wonder if he shows this instead of ordering.

14. Not even Donatello? Fail.

15. Uh, do you plan on becoming an honorary Duggar? 'Cause tattoos last longer than nine months.

16. Your embarrassment is gonna come pretty close.

17. Where to begin...

18. Not really.


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