Monday, July 9, 2018

Succulent Hair Is Now A Thing

You may have heard about the recent succulent nail trend. For these wild manicures, women are gluing real, baby succulents onto acrylic nails. And if that wasn't crazy enough, the succulent beauty craze has now made its way into the realm of hair color. I'm not sure why succulents are all of a sudden the inspiration behind current beauty trends, but I can't say I'm mad about it. 

I love the tiny, low-maintenance plants, and I even have some sitting around my home and office. There is such a wide variety of succulent types and colors, which is why the dye jobs included in this list are sure to wow you. From green, to violet, to blue, succulent-inspired hair is definitely not for the faint of heart (check out #8 onward for less crazy succulent hair inspo!). So if you're interested to see the newest floral-inspired beauty trend, keep reading for a list of photos that prove succulent hair is apparently now a thing. 

1. True Succulent 

I cannot get over how closely this dye job matches the colors in the succulent plant! This hair color looks even more gorgeous styled into a loose braid.

2. Cute & Cropped

This is such a fun, youthful hair color and cut! I love how the succulent-inspired strands shine in the natural light. 

3. Makeup To Match

This girl is totally committed to the succulent craze. Her raspberry and olive-green hair was clearly the inspiration for her matching makeup! 

4. Multicolored Magic

This multicolored dye job is seriously mesmerizing. Essentially every color of succulent in existence is included in this hair color! 

5. Subtle Strands 

If you're not very adventurous when it comes to your hair color, why not try out a more subtle succulent-inspired look? These faint violet and teal strands are so beautiful in her voluminous, dark hair. 

6. Wavy Wonder  

There are so many colors in this dye job, but somehow they manage to blend together so seamlessly. If this was my hair, you'd never be able to pull me away from a mirror. 

7. Vibrant Violet 

This is definitely a rather vibrant spin on the succulent hair trend. The bright violet and blue colors are so bold and adventurous! 

Not ready to commit to a succulent-inspired dye job? Keep reading for more temporary ways to take on the succulent hair trend! 

8. Fit For A Royal

This stunning, handcrafted succulent crown is giving me some serious music festival vibes. I love the vibrant hints of red alongside the more neutral succulents. I simply must have this flower crown. 

9. Dainty Crown 

This gorgeous white rose, succulent, and wildflower crown makes me want to drop everything and start planning a garden party. It'd be fine to wear this as a casual office look, right?

10. Blooming Comb

What's more whimsical than a succulent and wildflower hair comb? Definitely not much. This hair piece looks so beautiful in her dark, braided hair. 

11. Boho Bride 

When I get married in the very, very distant future, this is definitely the bridal vibe that I'll be channeling. Her loose waves and succulent hair piece make her the epitome of a boho-chic bride. 

12. Beautiful Bobby Pin 

This is such a subtle, pretty way to incorporate succulents into your hair look. This tiny succulent has been placed on the end of a bobby pin! 

13. Living Hair Piece 

I don't think I'll ever go back to wearing normal hair clips and bobby pins after seeing these stunning, living hair pieces. This cluster of tiny succulents makes for such a magical, nature-inspired hair comb. 


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