Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Empire Might Have Won If They Had These Adorable Crochet AT-ATs

I'm sure everyone of a certain age groaned when Spider-Man referred to The Empire Strikes Back as "that really old movie" in Captain America: Civil War. That stung, but it goes to show how iconic that scene is with the trip wire bringing down those walking tanks. And it works just as well to take down a super-sized Ant-Man. 

But I don't think I've ever looked at one of those hulking things and thought "You know what would be perfect? A crocheted AT-AT with cute, giant eyes." Etsy seller Kamila Krawczyk is clearly more creative than I am — she not only thought of it but designed a whole crochet pattern for one! How cute!

Even if you don't know them by name, we all remember the AT-ATs in Star Wars.

These "All Terrain Armored Transports" feature prominently in the Battle of Hoth. They are only defeated with tricks like the already mentioned trip wire or by somehow setting explosives inside the armor. 

Fittingly, it's a pretty large plush when completed.

Though a mini version would also be cute.

The Rebellion wouldn't know what hit them!

They would all surrender to the cuteness before the battle even started! 

She's got lots of other great patterns too!

Like these classic Disney characters, Thumper and Pluto.

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