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The Olsen Twins' Craziest Childhood Stories

The Olsen twins have had a very unique upbringing, that's for sure. From Full House to their series of home movies to the fashion industry, they've had a very interesting youth. But do you know some of the strangest stories of their childhood? Read on and find out.

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1. The twins were almost fired from Full House.

Babies are of course terrible at listening to instructions. John Stamos was so frustrated that he asked for new babies. But he took it back when he realized that all babies are difficult, so the Olsens stayed.

2. The twins were the youngest Hollywood producers at 6 years old.

Mary-Kate and Ashley started young and continued to be producers of their own work for years to come.

3. Their older brother, Trent Olsen, would sell their autographs at his school for pocket change as a child.

You have to admit, this one is pretty brilliant. Can't blame a guy for trying.

4. The Olsen Twins often wore dentures during the filming of Full House.

Because the twins lost teeth at different rates, they needed dentures so their teeth would look the same when they took turns between scenes.

5. Ashley told Marie Claire "I would never wish my upbringing on anyone."

Though she adds, "but I wouldn't take it back for the world." The girls feel little connection to old pictures of them and refer to the whole thing as "bittersweet."

6. They released their very own makeup line at 13.

At 13 I was riding bikes with my friends and telling really bad jokes. These two were already building a fashion empire!

7. They were often credited as one person in early seasons of Full House.

While playing Michelle, the studio tried to keep the illusion of one girl, even in the credits. They were collectively credited as Mary Kate Ashley Olsen.

8. Mary-Kate had a battle with anorexia just before turning 18.

The stress of the fashion world other pressures had taken their toll. Thankfully Mary-Kate found help, and is now at a much healthier weight and a better place in her life.

9. They're fraternal twins, not identical.

Ashley is an inch shorter and has a faint freckle on her upper lip. Mary-Kate is also left handed while Ashley is right-handed.

10. They began their fashion career with a Walmart clothing line.

They wore the line while filming Our Lips Are Sealed, and the line's success paved the way to the high-fashion world.

11. Ashley's middle name is "Fuller."

All the more perfect for her to be on Fuller House, if only it didn't conflict with the twins' schedules. We can dream.

12. Mary-Kate has won a daytime Emmy while Ashley did not. 

The award was given for Mary-Kate's work in So Little Time, but apparently Ashley's performance did not merit it.

13. The Olsen twins are the first twins to have a shared star on the Walk of Fame.

Their acting careers were so closely linked, it comes as no surprise they would share a star as well.

14. Ashley took serious scenes, Mary-Kate the light hearted ones.

On Full House, the sisters often split their scenes by mood, instead of taking them willy nilly.

15. The twins are childhood friends with Troian Bellisario of Pretty Little Liars.

The three lived across from each other and they were good friends until the Olsens moved away. They reconnected when Troian got a bit part in Billboard Dad with them.

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