Friday, July 20, 2018

This App Tells The Visually Impaired What They're Looking At

You have to wonder if the engineers and designers behind smart phones knew the potential of the devices they were building. They must have known they were onto something big, but could they possibly have grasped how big? These pocket computers have changed all of our lives forever, and people are always finding new ways to use them.

Just look at this app from Aipoly. They've developed a way for the phone's camera to help out the visually impaired. If you think your phone has changed your life, just imagine what this will do for people who can't see. It's just amazing.

People with low-vision or no-vision have a new, life-changing tool at their disposal: a cell phone app that can read out what the camera is pointed at.

It can tell large objects, like a table and chairs, apart from smaller objects, like a coffee cup on the table, and identify up to 900 colors, all in a matter of seconds. 

It can make a huge difference. Think about it: there have to be many times when blind people don't want to have to feel around with their hands.

With this app, they can just point their phone in front of them and listen to it read out what they're looking at. And if it's not in the app's already large database, a sighted helper can put it in for future reference. 

If there was any doubt about what this app might mean to someone who's visually impaired, just look at this guy's smile. 

It's not perfect yet, but you can't say it doesn't show incredible promise for opening up a new world to the visually impaired.

Check it out in the video below!


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