Thursday, July 19, 2018

This Deaf Little Girl Teaches Her Deaf Little Dog Sign Language, And Now He Does Tricks

Little Walter the deaf dog was sadly abandoned when he was just six weeks old.

He wasn't given a chance at being a good dog. 

He wasn't given a chance at all. 

Julia, a little girl from California, was also born deaf. When she and her mother saw Walter posted online to the Pasadena Humane Society, they knew they had to meet him.

That's where this most adorable story really starts!

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This is Julia. She's a little girl from California who was born deaf. 

She hasn't let this stop her from doing a single thing though! 

This adorable little dog is Walter. He was also born deaf. When he was just six weeks old, his family dumped him at a shelter. They didn't want a deaf dog. 

Walter didn't let that get him down though. No, not at all. Walter loves to play and smile. 

When Julia and her mom saw Walter posted online, they knew they had to meet him. 

And when they did, they quickly realized he was meant to be part of their family. Julia's mom says that Walter did the exact same thing that Julia did when first held: he smelled her neck. The similarity melted this mom's heart. 

"He was meant to be ours."

Walter was brought home where he began a beautiful friendship with Julia. Then...

Julia decided to do something with Walter that was different than their regular play. She decided to teach him sign language. 

And thus began a whole other level of friendship.  

"She's learned a whole other kind of love." 

And it's incredible to witness. Julia can get Walter to do almost any command this way. 

Here she is teaching Walter "sit." 

You need to see the video to watch how well he responds to the cues. 

He's a very good boy! 

And he deserves lots of treats! 

Watch Walter follow Julia's sign language commands:

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