Wednesday, July 11, 2018

This Makeup Artist Has Skills That Can Turn Her Into Any Disney Character

Makeup artists have some mad skills, especially this one. She goes by the name Promise Tamang and she recreates so many different looks that it's hard to believe that it's the same person. There is no Disney character she can't recreate! Whether it be a villain or a princess, she can definitely rock that look! Keep reading to check out this makeup artist's Disney character recreations! 


She really does look like Moana! Eyebrows on fleek. 

This is beyond creepy! 

And I thought my under eyes were dark. 

Her eyes look just as big as Rapunzel. 


It seems like every day is Halloween for this gal! 

Her talent is one of a kind. 

Eyeshadow is on point! 

Just like Elsa's. 

I can't believe this makeup artist has recreated all these different looks! 

And she does it beautifully.  

How amazing is her talent? COMMENTto let us know what your favorite was! 


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