Friday, August 24, 2018

12 Foolproof Makeup Hacks

I like to pretend that I'm pretty competent when it comes to makeup. I try to stay up to date on all of the latest trends and even attempt to try out many of them myself. But as much as I wish I was a makeup expert, there are certain skills that I just haven't mastered yet. The perfect cat-eye is definitely one of them, and contouring is still a pretty foreign concept to me. Thankfully, there are many great tips and tricks on how to overcome those tough beauty dilemmas. Keep scrolling for a list of 12 extremely foolproof making hacks that will take your beauty routine to the next level. 

1. Two-In-One 

Apply an eyeliner pencil to the rim of your eyelash curler to line and curl your lashes all in one go! 

2. Tape Trick

Use scotch tape to assist you with contouring! 

3. Steady Yourself

Shaky hands threatening your winged eyeliner goals? Steady yourself by planting your elbow down on a table or other hard surface. 

4. Make Matte

Dab some translucent powder over your lipstick for a matte effect and all-day lasting power. 

5. No More Smudging 

Hold a business card against your eyelid while applying mascara to avoid those pesky smudges! 

6. Teabag Trick

Eliminate puffiness by holding cold green tea bags on top of lids and under eyes for about five minutes. 

7. Highlight

Dab some highlighter above and below your brow line for an instant eye-lift. 

8. Heat Up Your Lash Game 

Use a hair dryer to heat up your eyelash curler for a stronger curl. You'll only need to do this for a few seconds! And always test the curler on your hand first to ensure it's a safe temperature. 

9. Card Trick 

Use a card to create a border for eyeshadow and eyeliner application. 

10. Stencil

Make a stencil out of scotch tape to create the perfect winged eyeliner look. 

11. Starbucks To The Rescue!

If you're anything like me you, probably have a stash of Starbucks napkins in your glovebox. Starbucks napkins (or any brown, recycled ones) make perfect oil-blotting papers! Who knew?

12. Disguise 

I just had to throw this awesome nail trick in here. Hide an outgrown manicure by adding some glitter polish to the base of your nails for an ombré look. 


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