Thursday, August 23, 2018

13 Background Characters That Deserve Our Attention

Have you ever gone through your pictures and seen something and thought, "Now thatdoesn't look right, does it?" 

If you are lucky, it has happened to you at least once. 

These are 13 awesome pictures of those situations! 

Have any cool background beauties? Feel free to share them with us in the comments! 

1. There is a lot at stake for the guy in the background. 

2. If you go to a hot spring there are bound to be some weirdos. 

3. Guess she doesn't think they're a cute couple. 

4. There is one in every family. 

5. Very clever. 

6. How long do you think he waited? 

7. That's a good mustache. 

8. So majestic. 

9. Why is he drinking yogurt on the beach? 

10. Talk about high self-esteem. 

11. A loaded photobomb. 

12. There are two types of girls at Halloween parties...

13. Children are just the best. 

Main image via reddit / thirdtimesacharm_

Collage image via imgur / nothingtothetable


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