Saturday, August 4, 2018

13 DIY Crafts For A Fantastic Smelling Home

Doesn't summer have the absolute best scents associated with it? Citrus, hibiscus, the beach, coconut, campfire, and on and on. And even though these fresh scents can make their ways into our homes this time of year, sometime we have to work a bit harder to make sure they stick around. 

To make sure we all have access to these therapeutic scents for as long as possible, I've put together some DIYs to do just that. See which scents tickle your fancy and then get to work!

1. Make your home into a spa every time you shower by hanging eucalyptus from your shower head. 

2. A very simple way to keep homes fresh is by making air freshener with your favorite essential oils. 

3. Simmer pineapple juice, coconut extract, orange slices and cucumbers, and well...oh my just do this. 

4. Speaking of simmering pots: this one has an autumn hint to it, but trust me, you won't mind. 

5. Indoor / outdoor / whatever you want, these DIY citronella candles are perfect for summer!

6. Need more citrus? This picture pretty much says it all...

7. Don't these just look good enough to eat? But seriously, they're baking soda disks. 

8. Gel air fresheners with your favorite essential oils. The possibilities are endless!

9. Homemade carpet powder, once again we have essential oils!

10. These citrus wax melts will make your heart melt. 

11. Baking soda and essential oils to the rescue again with these DIY scented jars. 

12. This has got to be the easiest (and cleverest!)...a few drops of essential oil inside a toilet roll will keep the room smelling fresh for days. 

13. Aren't these so pretty? And the tutorial is so easy! 


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