Thursday, August 9, 2018

13 Signs You're Ready For A Promotion

Probably the most frustrating moment in adult life is seeing someone get a promotion they don't deserve. Maybe it's brown-nosing, maybe it's nepotism, maybe someone has interesting pictures of your boss from college, but unfortunately, not all job advancement is the product of hard work and dedication. However, the next 13 people are different. These individuals are clearly their company's strongest assets...

1. This person who put the company office supplies to good use

2. This employee who renamed everything in the store

3. This helpful Subway employee 

4. This guy who clearly excels at independent work...

and Photoshop

5. This employee putting safety first

6. This person who took the time to make themselves permanent employee of the month

7. This line cook who turned the Red Lobster kitchen into a blood sport battle ground

8. This pizza shop employee who loved sausage so much he even changed his name

9. The person who wouldn't let anyone or anything prevent them from doing their job

10. This dedicated deli worker

11. This guy who knows how to keep busy

12. This subway employee who refuses to half-ass anything

13. This hardware store employee who created this intricate display

Main image via reddit / SlyDragonArtist

Collage images via 1. reddit / john_raider 2. reddit / patdick97


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