Thursday, August 16, 2018

13 Things Girls Do That Are Totally Awks

Although women have long been held to certain standards of perfection — whether it's body image or personal conduct — at this point, most of us can agree that no one is perfect. Guys can be weird, girls can be awkward, penises are bizarre, vaginas are strange (get it?). Anyway, here are 13 things specific to all the girls out there. Some may call them embarrassing, some may call them unpleasant, and some may even call them revolting, but we all do them!

1. Accidentally removing all our eyelashes 

2. Sticking our hands down our shirts to wipe away boob sweat

3. Adjusting our pads in public

Sometimes we can do this and make it look like we're just fixing our waist band. Other times, we really have to get up in there.

4. Wearing underwear that was too tight and giving ourselves a huge front-wedgie trying to stretch it out

5. Squinting at a guy's crotch because we thought we caught a glimpse of a dick outline

6. Making eye contact with someone through the crack in the bathroom stall door

7. Realizing we didn't have a tampon on us, so using a wad of toilet paper instead and hoping for the best

8. Using the men's bathroom because the women's had a huge line

9. Taking a selfie while getting a pap smear...NOT

Seriously, who does that?

10. Taking off our bra at the end of the day and finding food crumbs from earlier 

11. Having this happen to us and simultaneously hating and loving the person who finally told us about it

12. Pretending to be thinking really hard about something to cover up the fact we were actually doing kegels 

13. Spending way too much time trying to remove all our body hair

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