Wednesday, August 8, 2018

13 Times You Were Scared By Absolutely Nothing

Have you ever woken up in the night, seen a person standing in your room, and almost defecated yourself out of pure fear only to realize it was a poster or a bathrobe hanging on the door? The world can be a scary place, but most of the time it's our imaginations that get the better of us, much like they did in the next 13 pictures. In reality, the only thing that's scary about this article is the number 13...

1. You'll definitely check your mirrors more often after this one

2. When someone decided to dry these boots in the window

3. When the devil was in your steak

Evil tastes good, but it clogs your arteries 

4. When you thought a giant spider had died in the middle of the road...

But it was really just a little guy hanging in front of your window

5. When you thought you saw a decapitated clown head...

And then you realized it was just a mask, and then you realized that was still just as creepy, and then you got the hell out of there.

6. When you thought your tasty snack was going to consume your soul from the inside 

7. When you thought the Rock was going to beat you to a pulp for not separating your recyclables 

8. When someone left their hair clip on the couch

9. When you thought you were about to die in a forest fire

But it was really just the sunset

10. When you saw this kid peeping out on the highway 

11. When pantless Zack Galifianakis was waiting in the bedroom to seduce you

12. When someone lost their head in Chemistry class

13. When you thought sleeping beauty might actually be Prince Phillip 


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