Monday, August 6, 2018

15 Cookable Facts About 'Breaking Bad'


Breaking Bad was a masterpiece.

It had an interesting anti-hero with nothing to lose, a white gangster who loved female dogs, pizza-throwing, meth, Better Call Saul — all of it.

The story was basically perfect and was one the first series that TV fans could binge watch.

But now that we've let it settle, how much of an impact did the show have on us? Let's look back at some facts about the show we missed, like...

1. There are 62 episodes. That's not an accident. The 62nd element is Samarium, which is in a drug that treats pain in some cancer patients.

2. Aaron Paul had never acted a day in his life. I mean, he showed up on The Price is Right, but you don't need to act surprised.

Who knew the guy who ended every sentence with "b**ch" hadn't acted before.

3. Bryan Cranston only took one take to land this pizza on this roof for this scene.

But now there are pranksters who attempt the same thing, which must be annoying for the real residents inside...

4. Turns out that the show inspired a bit TOO MUCH, because blue-tinted crystal meth started showing up in New Mexico.

In 2007, the year before Breaking Bad aired on AMC, the purity of meth smuggled into the U.S. was only 37%. That number shot up to 88% in 2011 after the characters started cooking for a Mexican cartel...

5. Bryan Cranston got a Breaking Bad tattoo on his finger on the final day of shooting of season five.

 "Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of it and I see that logo from 'Breaking Bad' and it makes me smile."

6. Walt Jr. actually did have cerebral palsy — just not as bad as his character.

RJ Mitte had to learn how to play it up — slurring his speech and learning how to use crutches.

7. The only reason that Jesse Pinkman swam in a port-a-john was because the crew would save $20,000 by NOT having him attacked by a junkyard dog. 

The dog scene would have cost $25,000 to take a trained dog and fly it to New Mexico, but the Port-a-Potty only cost $5,000.

8. There were 270 DEATHS through all five seasons of the show... ISN'T that insane??

9. The author of the Game Of Thrones book series, George R. R. Martin, said that even his characters weren't as big of monsters as Walter White.

10. When the crew had to shoot the scene where Walter kills Mike (played by Jonathan Banks), the entire crew wore black armbands as they filmed his last episode.

Must have looked like a funeral...

11. Ferris Bueller and the guy who held up the radio in Say Anything both could have been Heisenberg.

Yup, Matthew Broderick and John Cusack were both offered the role.

12. After Bryan Cranston shot the scene where his character let Jesse Pinkman's girlfriend die, he sobbed for nearly 15 minutes.

That's how invested in the role he was...

13. Better Call Saul's Bob Odenkirk only read his lines during the final episodes. He'd throw the script in the trash to make sure he didn't spoil the ending...

14. There's a reason why Bryan Cranston seemed WAY too good at cooking meth: The DEA taught him exactly how to make it.

15. The title of the last episode is called "Felina," which can be broken up into the periodic table elements of Fe, Li, and Na (Iron, Lithium, and Sodium). AKA the prime ingredients for blood, meth, and tears....


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