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15 Easter Eggs Everyone Missed In 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them'

Potterheads, rejoice! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is out and is doing amazing at the box office. It's taken on a life of it's own and has cast a spell over the world with its magical storyline and adorable hero. JK Rowling has said in several interviews that Fantastic Beasts isn't a prequel and is just another series set in the same universe as Harry Potter. But that didn't stop the movie makers from putting in tons of references and Easter eggs that point to the events of the Harry Potter series! So here are all the things you might have missed while watching this fantastic movie!

Beware of SPOILERS below! 

1. This happened in the very beginning of the movie so you might have missed it! In Newt's suitcase, you can clearly see he's a Hufflepuff because of his scarf!

2. At the end of the movie, he's wearing it! 

Turns out Newt and Eddie Redmayne are both very proud Hufflepuffs.

3. Did you notice anything familiar about the music? The movie starts with playing "Hedwig's Song," which is one of the most recognizable pieces of music from the Harry Potter movies!

4. The opening scene in the movie reveals only one wizard standing with a 1920s hairstyle. Right after that scene, the audience sees newspaper clippings about Grindelwald being active. Given the timing, Grindelwald is wielding dark magic that's never been seen before, which means he's in possession of the Elder Wand!


5. JK has been vocal about the year that this movie is set in. So what's the big deal with 1926? Well, that's the year that Tom Riddle was born.

TOM RIDDLE AKA VOLDEMORT AKA HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED. I am living for all these references and Easter eggs!!!!!

6. In the movie, Newt mentions Leta, his childhood friend from Hogwarts. Is Leta important? UH YEAH SHE IS. Leta's last name is Lestrange, which means she's related to the infamous Lestrange family! It's a direct connection to Harry Potter and his story!

Leta is one of the original Sacred Twenty-Eight (pureblood families) and are known for practicing the Dark Arts. Some of them even go on to become Death Eaters. Leta is semi-related to Bellatrix since she married into the Lestrange family!

7. When Newt stumbles upon the anti-magic rally, the activist asks Newt, "Are you a seeker? A seeker after truth?" Newt replies by making a Quidditch pun: "I'm more of a chaser, really." 

8. Here's a big one for you! Graves gives Credence a necklace that has the symbol of the Deathly Hallows! 

9. How cute was the Niffler in the movie?! This isn't their first appearance in the Potterverse. Hagrid actually introduced Nifflers to his class in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

When Dolores Umbridge becomes headmistress in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Lee Jordan levitated two Nifflers into her office just to cause chaos!

10. The claws of the fantastic beast that is trying to escape from Newt's suitcase look awfully familiar, right? That's because they're almost exactly the same as the claws on the cover of The Monster Book of Monsters featured in Harry Potter!

11. Diehard fans will remember that Tina Goldstein has been mentioned before. Tina Goldstein is Porpetina Scamander, the person mentioned in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Thembook. In Newt's biography blurb in the book, it said he's married to Tina!

12. That giant MACUSA clock monitor looks similar to the one hanging in the Weasley household. The MACUSA clock monitors the level of danger in the American wizarding world. The Weasley clock tells if any of the family members are in danger!

13. The specific dragon that Newt mentions in the movie is important! It's a Ukranian Ironbelly, which is the same creature that guards the Lestrange vault in The Deathly Hallows.

14. Occamy eggs have been mentioned before in the Goblet of Fire! It was revealed that Gilderoy Lockhart created a line of hair products with special ingredients. What was in it? Occamy egg yolk. 

15. JK turned to her own work for inspiration for Newt's backstory! Newt accidentally endangered the other students at Hogwarts by bringing in a dangerous magical beast. It's actually almost the exact same story she wrote for Hagrid when he was expelled from Hogwarts!

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