Thursday, August 2, 2018

15 Kids Who Have Absolutely No Idea What They're Wearing

Halloween is just one day on the calendar year, but for a kid, every day is dress-up day. Who didn't have a chest full of dress-up clothes when they were a kid? From time to time, I was definitely guilty of wearing my old Halloween costume out with my mom to the grocery store. And I'm sure on a few occasions I tried to sneak off to school wearing my Power Rangers outfit, but really, my outfit choices are nothing compared to this. Even if it is Halloween, these are just wrong.

Here are 15 kids who have absolutely no idea what they're wearing:

1. This kid dressed up as the prostitute from Pretty Woman

2. This kid who was dressed up as Hannibal Lecter

3. These kids who dressed up as the cast of The Jersey Shore

4. This kid who has no idea who he's offending with this costume

5. This kid who got dressed up as a bodybuilder in a teeny-weenie bikini

6. This kid who is too young to know what these are

7. These kids who turned into mini Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj

8. This kid who has NO IDEA how offensive this is

9. This kid who will grow up and cringe when she sees this

10. This kid who will be scarred emotionally

11. This kid who will grow up to wish this never happened

12. This kid who was dressed up as a homeless man

13. This kid following his dad's example

14. This kid who won't think this is cute when she grows up

15. This kid who probably has an idea, but his parents definitely don't

Main image via tumblr/justsomeinsperationalshit

Collage sources 1) the fw 2) imgur 3) The Good Men Project


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