Wednesday, August 1, 2018

15 Pictures That Show How Powerful Contouring Really Is

Contouring is one powerful makeup technique! It's insane that it can really change up the shape of your face. I tried it one time, and I couldn't believe the fake cheekbones I handmade for myself. I was pretty impressed. If you want to see the power of contour, check out these 15 before and afters. 

1. It's pretty magical, isn't it? 


2. Beautiful before andafter! 

Stay slaying! 

3. Her cheekbones look like they are sharper than a knife!

Watch out. 

4. I'm loving where the contour lines are placed on her face. 

I definitely want to try this technique out! 

5. This makeover made the model look so much younger! 


6. I love this before and after!

This contour isn't as intense, but it still makes a statement. 

7. Makeup is one powerful tool! 

Don't you ever underestimate it. 

8. What a beautiful beauty transformation. 


9. Neck contour? 

Now her neck can look as sharp as her cheekbones. 

10. Cool! Pink is added into this contour. 

The results are gorgeous. 

11. Her contour lines remind me of a lion. 


12. She already has cheekbones...

But this contouring technique just made them look so much stronger. 

13. The contour lines on this model's face look pretty cool. 

It kind of looks like she has a bunch of stitches on her face. Ouch! 

14. Whoa! 

The contour on her nose makes the tip of it look so tiny.

15. Aside from the amazing results, her forehead reminds me of the Wifi symbol. 

Have fun contouring! 

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