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16 Badass Facts About 'Sons Of Anarchy'

Sons of Anarchy was gritty, raw, and we loved every second of it. We either wanted to be Jax Teller or we wanted to marry him (I was the latter). The show also made us want a motorcycle if we didn't already have one. I may only be in the beginning stage of getting my motorcycle license, but I've already eyed up a few nice Harleys. But, with all the time we put into watching the show, how much do we really know about it? Here are 16 behind-the-scenes facts about our favorite SAMCRO boys (and a few ladies!).

1. Most of the actors do all their own driving stunts!

2. All the tattoos that David Labrava, the actor that played Happy, had in the show are real!

3. Badass Ron Perlman was actually intimidated by his Harley at first.

He's my favorite character!

4. The scars on Chibs' face aren't makeup. The actor was mugged when he was younger and got some pretty wicked scars.

5. Charlie Hunnam wears sneakers throughout most of the show.

He found them more comfortable than boots!

6. Katey Sagal performed at least one song in each season of the show

She has her own band!

She has a great voice too. 

7. Katy is also married to series creator Kurt Sutter.

They've been married since 2004. Cute!

8. The fear of dolls is called pediophobia, and both the character Tig and creator Kurt Sutter suffer from it.

9. Nurse Toric and her brother Lee Toric are actual siblings in real life!

I miss this show so much.

10. David Labrava is an actual member of Hell's Angels.

After he was hired as a consultant, he asked Kurt Sutter, the producer, if he could have a part! The Angels made him inactive for his time on the show, but he is still in good standing with them!

11. Tommy Flanagan and James Cosmo, who play Chibs and Father Ashby, are both Scottish and had big roles in the movie Braveheart!

12. Improvisations were not allowed on set. Any changes in the script are discussed with Kurt Sutter first.

13. Walton Goggins really wanted a part on SoA, so he convinced Kurt to let him play a transgender to separate himself from his character from The Shield.

14. Jax Teller died and had no idea his mother played a major part in his father's death.

I'm not sure if that's good or bad!

15. Jax's kill count at the series end was 45 murders.


16. There are talks of a prequel!

Rumor has it thatthe prequel will deal with the origins of the club and have John Teller and Piney Winston.

Do you own a motorcycle? Who was your favorite character from SoA? COMMENT and let me know!


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