Monday, August 13, 2018

16 Customer Service Trolls That Have All The Lols

If you've ever worked in customer service, you know it can be a hellish experience. Minimum wage, rude customers, ridiculous demands, and usually the odd creep or two — but the worst part is the long hours of skull-numbing boredom you have to endure during the hours when it's not busy. So what can you do to occupy your time? Do like the next 16 hilarious people and spend it coming up with ways to troll your customers, of course!

1. You get what you ask for

2. Or the exact opposite of what you asked for...

3. It's always good to speak the same language as your customers...

4. When you're a barista, you have to find pleasure in the little things

The Starbucks trolls don't end here...

5. Umm, like the state... not the orifice 

6. Hopefully that's a misspelling of the name and not what's actually in the drink

7. Becel, trolling all the lazy people 

8. You've got to amuse yourself somehow, right?

So you're probably sick of Starbucks trolls by now, but you've got to see their sandwich...

9. Goddamn it, Starbucks! 

I ordered my latteskinny, not my sandwich!

10. It says it's a pen, but I can't help but feel someone's pulling my leg

If I had a pen like that in school, none of my homework would have gotten done

The next people learned the true meaning of extra...

11. I'm guessing the manager was off that day

12. Pickle game weak

Looks like McDonald's could learn a lesson from Subway

13. As long as it's icing and not mayonnaise... 

14. Still sounds better than the Starbucks chicken sandwich 

15.  Nothing wrong with getting your severance pay in nuggets

I can see Taco Bell employees have great attention to detail

16. And finally, of course we had to end it with one last Starbucks troll


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