Friday, August 10, 2018

16 Mermaid-Inspired Manis Worthy Of Ariel Herself

I think all of us wanted to be a mermaid at some point in our childhoods. I know I did. There's just something so enchanting and alluring about those stunning, mythical creatures. And you know what else is stunning? Mermaid-inspired nail designs. These sparkling, shimmery, and scaly manicures are so gorgeous and will definitely appeal to everyone's inner siren. These manicures are high glamour and definitely high drama, which is probably why they're so fun to look at. So without further ado, keep on scrolling for 16 mermaid-inspired manicures worthy of Ariel herself. 

1. These crystal-encrusted mermaid nails are seriously mind-blowing. Look at those tiny gold seashells! 

2. This pastel ombré manicure is definitely fit for a mermaid. Those metallic gold scales are simply amazing. 

3. I love the rainbow twist on these mermaid-inspired nails. I'm totally into that silver starfish ring. 

4. This shimmering teal nail design is so gorgeous. Those rhinestones! Those seashells! That glitter!

5. I adore this stunning, stenciled nail look. The coral and seaweed designs are so artsy! 

6. You can never go wrong with a metallic teal and gold manicure. The tiny starfish are so dainty! 

7. This pastel purple nail design is so pretty and cheerful. Look at the little smiling mermaid and seahorses! 

8. This is one of my favorite nail designs of the list. I love the subtlety of this pale pink and shimmering gold manicure.

9. How mesmerizing is this gold leaf manicure? If these were my nails, I'd never be able to take my eyes off of them. 

10. I love how the black accent nails add some edginess into this mermaid-inspired mani. 

11. I'm obsessed with how each of these nails is so different. My favorite is the glitter ombré and gold shell nails. 

12. This nail design looks exactly like a magical, picturesque beach scene. And it's totallymaking me want to go on vacation. 

13. I love how unique this mermaid-inspired nail look is. The black accent nails were the perfect touch.

14. I absolutely adore this nail-stamped manicure look. The gold mermaid tail design is so whimsical. 

15. I love how dramatic these mermaid-inspired nail appliqués are. The gold anchor is so cute! 

16. And if you love a good over-the-top manicure, then this insane seashell and sequin one will definitely appeal to you. 


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