Monday, August 20, 2018

16 People Who Deserve A Serious Shake Of The Head

If you're ever feeling down on yourself, just go on the internet. I know what you're thinking: "Instagram couples, Facebook holidays — that will just make me feel worse about myself!" Not true, because while the internet boasts its share of enviable people, it's also brimming with those who are truly stupid. I'm not just talking about your everyday, brain-fart dumb — I'm talking internet-dumb... So get ready to laugh and feel better about yourself, because here are 16 people you can't help but shake your head at! 

1. The kosher section is looking pretty questionable 

2. Forgot your glasses today?

3. Ooops... hopefully it wasn't toxic 

4. Well, that was unnecessary 

If you've ever been on Yahoo Answers, you know there's some smh gold there...

5. This can't be a legitimate question...

6. Excellent use of funding...

7. Someone needs to adjust their handle bars 

The next iPhone owner did the unspeakable 

8. You're bored?!

9. I smell lies...

10. Ice cream? I don't think that's what it is...

The next person seems to be a bit confused by that new-fangled rock music...

11. ADHD... yeah, I love their last album...

12.What a cultured tourist 

13. Should you be flattered or astonished by her stupidity? 

The next person thought they could get away with a little image manipulation...

14. Beard fraud!

15. Thanks for that conversion... really clears things up 

16. It's none of your business, he'll tell you when he's ready


Author: verified_user