Wednesday, August 22, 2018

18 Pairs Of Celebs Who Are Shockingly The Same Age

It's really hard to tell a celeb's age. Stars can look so young for their age that you think they've found the fountain of youth and refuse to share the location of it. Or celebs can look so old for their age that it's just unfortunate and you feel bad. There's just no in between! It's probably down to good genes, great makeup artists and fantastic plastic surgeons. It's a fun game trying to correctly guess a celeb's age but it's even better when you find out which celebs are actually the same age!

1. Jennifer Lawrence and Sarah Hyland are both 25 years old! One's an Oscar winner and one's on a super successful TV show. 

2. One plays a theoretical physicist and the other is a zombie slayer. But Jim Parsons and Andrew Lincoln are both 40. 

Wait, what? JIM PARSONS IS 40?! WHAT?!

3. Would you believe that Lindsay Lohan and Amber Heard are the same age? They're both 30! 

They're both also going through some tough times with their partners. I hope they're going to be okay!

4. Carly Rae Jepsen sings about wanting a guy to call her and Keira Knightley is an Oscar nominated actress. But they're both 31! 

5. Taylor Swift and Dakota Johnson are both 26 years old! 

And, no. Taylor is not the same age as Adele! Everybody thinks that though. Adele's 28!

6. Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston are both drop dead gorgeous for their age. Can you believe they're 47?! 

How?? Have?? They?? Not?? Aged?? 

7. Kate Winslet and Tara Reid are 40. One's an Oscar winner and one's been in Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens

8. Lucy Hale and Emma Stone are both 27 years old. It just seems really weird since Lucy's been playing a teenager on Pretty Little Liars for years! 

9. Megan Fox and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are both 30 years old! 

10. Natalie Portman and Britney Spears are both 35! Where has the time gone?! Wasn't Britney just 16 years old singing "...Baby One More Time"?! 

11. Rob Lowe and Nicolas Cage are 52 years old. Rob ages like a fine wine and Nic ages like a... he ages like a regular human. 

12. Whoa! Chris Evans and Elijah Wood are both 35 years old! One is a superhero and the other saved Middle Earth!

13. Katharine Heigl and Rachel McAdams are 37 years old. I still think of Rachel as as Regina George from Mean Girls and she played a teenager in that... HOW IS SHE NOW 37?!

14. Chris Pratt is a dinosaur trainer and also a guardian of the galaxy. Rider Strong played our childhood crush on Boy Meets World.Can you believe they're both 37 years old?!

15. Miley Cyrus has been entertaining us for years since she was Hannah Montana and Kate Upton is one of the most popular models right now! And they're both 23 years old!

16. Lea Michele and Lady Gaga are both singers and they share the same age. The two of them are 30 years old. And they don't look a day over 21!

17. Dwayne Johnson and Jared Leto are both 44 years old. And everyone is shaking their heads in disbelief. THE TWO OF THEM NEVER AGE.

18. Let's end on a good note. WE HAVE SOME FINE MEN TO COMPARE. Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum are both 35 years old. AND THEY'RE BOTH DREAMBOATS.

COMMENTand tell us the most shocking pair of celebs who are the same age!

I'm more shocked at the fact that JLo and Jennifer Aniston are almost 50! They look like they haven't aged since they started acting!


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