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19 Couples Who Prove That There Is Someone For Everyone

Great things come in all sorts of packages. The 'one' doesn't always show up on a white horse with a sign that says "Yeah, it's me"; sometimes, the unlikeliest couples are the best ones. Love is love, tall or short, big or small, classy or less so. Everyone has something to offer and there is someone out there looking for just that thing you're sporting. These couples prove that love is no formula but rather, an organic connection that can inspire some unlikely courtships

1. That Kiss Tho'

Heads turned, eyes closed; this kind of passion is rare enough to make you jealous. Damn. 

2. Their Eyes Say It All

These two have a good thing going. The look...of love...

3. You Don't See This Every Day

The shorts should go but the romance sure can stay. Hands clasped and hearts on fire, these two belong together.

4. Trying To Convince Her To Pass The Tanning Oil

These two were both pretty pale until she started hogging all the tanning supplies. Sharing is caring, babe.

5. Great Things Come In All Packages

Opposites attract and the benefits are pretty awesome. No more reaching for him. No more bending for her. Win/Win.

6. These Two Strive To Be Close As Those Brows

If this guy's relationship habits are anything like his brow style, they'll be together forever, naturally. Rock your natural look because confidence is sexy AF.

7. The Couple That Shares Everything Including Clothes And Makeup

The possibilities are endless when you share the same style.

8. To Halves Of A Whole Outfit

These two stick to either tops or bottoms but put them together and there's the whole ensemble. Better together, indeed.

9. Nothing Says Love Like Wielding A Chainsaw

If this is what you're into, let your freak flag fly (safely). Wonder if they'll feature their favorite garden tool in their engagement photos.

10. To Fetish Or Not To Fetish

Growing up with unusual preferences can be hard but then you find that one person. They have everything you've ever wanted in a partner like you were made for each other.

11. Hording Tanning Oil Is Obviously A Common Problem

Compromise would make these couples look significantly less odd. The love is there but not the sharing.

12. Age Is But A Number

Love is timeless, even if that dress has a "15 minutes of fame" vibe to it.

13. These Boots Were Made For Walking...Into His Heart

Scale is difficult to determine. Either she's really tall or hes really small. Whatever the case, their bond is as tight as those laces.

14. These Two Are More Odd Alone Than Together

In come cases, like attracts like. This pair doesn't seem all that strange together.

15. When You Really Love Pulp Fiction

It can be hard to tell how some relationships may have started. Let's just say these two really love Quentin Tarantino movies.

16. Legs For Miles

This lady's got length in all the right places and her man is loving every minute of it. Just look at those genuine smiles.

17. Her Body Is A Canvas And He Loves What She's Done With It

Hats off to this woman for rocking her own style and dancing to the beat of her own drum. Shine your light and you'll find someone to shine with you.

18. The Support Of A Guiding Hand

This may be an unlikely couple but the connection is there. Just look at that chemistry. 

19. They Could Re-Write The Kama Sutra

With proportions like these, a new edition may be in the works. So many ideas, so little time!

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