Tuesday, August 14, 2018

20 Celebrity Selfies That Are Absolutely Epic

There's been a selfie pandemic that has struck the world the last few years with the introduction of smartphones and it's been an interesting way to look into the lives of every day people, including celebrities (yes, I still consider them every day people). These are moments where celebrities were their own paparazzi and took unforgettably epic selfies. 

1. Mean Muggin' Queen Bee

2. Nic Cage on a plane looking awesomely disheveled. 

3. Celebrities can make derp faces too, Brooklyn Decker proves it.

4. The selfie where Kanye's on the phone

5. Hamm and Braff in one picture make all the girls' hearts flutter.

6. Rebel and Anne look like besties.

7. Elijah Wood takes a selfie with himself.

8. Bret and Don on a double decker.

9. Chrissy Teigen takes a selfie of her ugly face.

10. Chris Pratt takes a selfie showing off his abs.

11.  Conan O'Brien and Paul Rudd get a little cozy together.

12. 50 Cent responds to his haters.

13. That selfie where Neil Patrick Harris photobombed it.

14. Conan gets snuggly in the tub this time with Ricky Gervais.

15. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe (you called him Harry Potter in your head) act silly.

16. This selfie of Hilary Duff and her frightened baby.

17. James Franco snaps a selfie during spa time.

18. Snoop Dogg (Lion?) and a pancake face.

19. Tyler The Creator in tiny glasses.

20. P. Diddy and Mona Lisa 

Collage Source: 1) reddit /u/ MarchMadnessIsMe 2) Twitter / @rickygervais 3) Twitter / @hitRECordJoe


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